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Amalea Fisher is a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor.  She started practicing YTU after experiencing debilitating neck pain and it had an immediate impact when nothing else worked.  When she took up outdoor running in 2011, the need to care for her tissues and joints became even more important.  2013 found Amalea fresh off a serious illness where could not practice Yoga Tune Up® for some time.  This was a reminder for her how essential YTU was to her well being and motivated Amalea to follow her dream of sharing Yoga Tune Up® with others.  Although new to teaching, Amalea's passion and personal experience translate to all people who suffer every day pains. She wants to help everyone achieve a better body within a therapeutic yoga setting.

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Barb has dedicated her life to being of service and helping others.  After 30 years as an Occupational Therapist, in 2011, she suddenly found herself on the receiving end of medical services. After undergoing minor surgery on her heel, her body developed a series of physical ailments rendering her unable to participate in her regular aerobic, dancing and hiking routines.  The less active she was, the more pain she developed.  In August of 2013, she met a friend who was a yoga instructor and was planning the South Bay Yoga Conference. Barb volunteered on the planning committee and it opened a whole new world to her. She has been practicing Yoga ever since and feeling great again! Barb completed her 200-hour training at YogaWorks in May of 2016, under the tutelage of Thomas Taubman and Sean Gray.  She is teaching yoga so that she may share the benefits gained through her yoga practice.

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Janet's first taste of yoga was in, of all places, at running retreat overlooking the Pacific Ocean. From that moment on, she was hooked.

She realized that the more she practiced yoga after her runs, the faster she recovered. When she began practicing yoga on a more consistent basis, she discovered the healing wonders of yoga helped her in her quest of running numerous marathons (on back-to-back days), and even ultramarathons.

During her journey, she found that yoga also brought back a balance in her life that was missing; a balance between the body and mind. After several years of personal practice, and with the encouragement of her instructor, Janet received her 200-hour certification from Cloud Nine Yoga Studio and School in 2009. Guided and inspired by her instructors, Janet began teaching yoga.

As she continued her teaching and practice, Janet felt the calling to further her studies. In 2012, she completed and recieved her 500-hour certification.

Janet’s classes are a blend of various Hatha styles, focusing on proper alignment and using the breath to get deeper into the asanas (yoga postures). She values taking the time to explain what is happening in the poses. She believes that every body is able to practice yoga.

Jenni first practiced yoga as a teenager with her Mom in the dining room. It didn't really mean much to her at the time.  Twenty some years later after the birth of her second child, she took her first class.  After years of different classes with increasing levels of commitment she entered a Cloud Nine Teacher Training Program.  She has recently completed that course and is very excited about her path.  Jenni says, "Yoga has helped me so much with increasing strength and flexibility, managing pain, and improving overall health and well being!"  She believes that yoga should be more accessible to a wide range of students and that most people could benefit from a yoga practice which meets them where they are.