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Janet's first taste of yoga was in, of all places, at running retreat overlooking the Pacific Ocean. From that moment on, she was hooked.

She realized that the more she practiced yoga after her runs, the faster she recovered. When she began practicing yoga on a more consistent basis, she discovered the healing wonders of yoga helped her in her quest of running numerous marathons (on back-to-back days), and even ultramarathons.

During her journey, she found that yoga also brought back a balance in her life that was missing; a balance between the body and mind. After several years of personal practice, and with the encouragement of her instructor, Janet received her 200-hour certification from Cloud Nine Yoga Studio and School in 2009. Guided and inspired by her instructors, Janet began teaching yoga.

As she continued her teaching and practice, Janet felt the calling to further her studies. In 2012, she completed and received her 500-hour certification.

Janet’s classes are a blend of various Hatha styles, focusing on proper alignment and using the breath to get deeper into the asanas (yoga postures). She values taking the time to explain what is happening in the poses. She believes that every body is able to practice yoga.