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At Back For Yoga, we promote health through movement...

We are more than a yoga studio - we are a community.

Our small class size creates a semi-private environment

that is peaceful and non-competitive.

Our goal is to make yoga safe and accessible for everyone.



"Yoga meets you where you're at.

But stay open to the understanding that the more you do yoga, doors open,

and the invitation is to simply explore."


Please note that due to the COVID 19 Global Pandemic, we are closed to group classes until further notice. However, if you are a patient of the Gambucci Chiropractic Clinic, you may attend physical therapy if it's essential to your medical care. We will save your current class packages and extend anyone's class package that might be expiring. We encourage you to follow COVID 19 protocols: stay home if you are ill, practice social distancing and wear a mask when in public. We are still here for you and our community. We encourage you to contact us anytime with your questions and concerns at: Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

Wishing your wellness and health,

-Victoria, Back For Yoga Manager 




Are there classes that you would like to see offered at Back For Yoga? Let us know!


Your feedback is important to us. Please email us at 
with any comments, questions, or suggestions.